I'm breaking down and you're breathing slowly

There's evil in your heart, and it wants out to play

31 January
.the girl.
I'm Danielle Dani. 21. College Student. Most likely you've stumbled upon my journal by way of one of my fandoms (so probably either supernatural or glee)
I'm Cuban, an obsessive fangirl, extremely open-minded and swear. A lot.
.the loves.
I've been a fan of Supernatural since the very first episode way back in 2005 and my love for it since then has only grown. It is my all time favorite show and I love my boys way more than any normal human should (but being normal is overrated, so w/e)
I'm pro-Wincest and J²...well, I'm pro-slash in general.

I've loved Glee since the first episode. Klaine is the most endgame OTP to ever exist. I also ship Crisscolfer with the strength of a thousand suns. (Darren Criss/Starkid fan since 2009)

My user name is from my Twilight fandom days (circa 05-08). I'm too cheap/lazy to change my username.

Paramore has been my favorite band for about 5yrs now. I've seen them live twice and they're truly one of the best bands to see perform live. ♥
I pretty much will always add back if we have things in common, but just drop me a comment or pm me beforehand, that way it's not a totally random add :]
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Love is love.

Support love.

Sam, My Hetero Life Partner, soldierly:
Supernatural is...is THE ONE THING you see EVERYONE consumed by and you REFUSE to watch it because hey, you're happy and snug in your own comfy fandom.
But then it tempts you with pretty men and incest and a few loveable extras, so you watch a couple episodes and some clips, and you find it interesting, so you watch from the beginning and think oh, this is a fabulous story about two brothers who are not at all gay.
And THEN it throws in DEMONS and incredibly sexy ANGELS and then the APOCALYPSE takes over your life, and the next thing you know, you're taking off work and shutting down your life on Fridays to watch it because you CANNOT MISS IT."


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